Why I Like Valentine’s Day

Posted on | February 14, 2011 | No Comments

It is that time of the year again and today is Valentine’s Day. Out of all holidays/celebrations, this one seems to get a lot of hate to the point where there are “F**k Valentine’s Day” parties.   I have always felt it is a bit petty when single people tend to bash Valentine’s Day. Dating someone and loving them should never be the cause of happiness, it should be an extension of it or something to add to and complement you life. It isn’t embarrassing that you’re not with anyone, it’s embarrassing that you’re saying the day sucks because you’re not with someone.

I have never looked at Valentine’s Day as a contest or a reason to feel down if you were not celebrating it with someone. I enjoy Valentine’s Day because I have always felt it is one of those days of the year that there is just a little bit more love in the world. It encourages those who are engrossed in their work or other things to focus on the one they love and gives those who are truly in love a day to truly indulge in the outpouring of those emotions. I am a lover of beauty in all its forms and I feel this is truly a beautiful day.



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