What is Self Development?

Posted on | August 30, 2010 | 323 Comments

The main passion in my life for the last 5 years has been self development. It is a concept that is often misunderstood and other times just not understood at all. It is NOT ‘motivational speaking’ or ‘positive thinking.’ This is not a pep talk—-motivational speaking is temporary while self development is focused on creating lasting change. In fact, without motivation, chances are you are not going to explore making change in your life. It is great to be positive and seek out the beauty in everything but if you leading a poor lifestyle, thinking positive about it is only deluding yourself.

Self development to me is LEARNING & MASTERING the following:

• Eliminating self-sabotage & removing that which stifles you

• Working to your potential & peak performance consistently regardless of career/task

• Being able to be conscious of your state & emotions, control them & having them working for you—not controlling you

• Effectively achieving your goals while being able to enjoy life & be happy at any stage

Everyone can improve, conquer fears, achieve what they dream about & live a life that is as great as they have imagined or better. It starts with investing in yourself and taking consistent action.


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