Mind Launch is a website founded by Dino Genzano in August 2010. The mission of Mind Launch is to examine common ways of thinking and the underlying dynamics behind different thoughts and beliefs. The writing on this site will also feature different opinions that challenge common perspective. We want to present ideas in a way that makes sense & feature concepts to people that may be outside of their world of thinking.

The objective of this site is NOT to force opinions on people but rather for readers to give themselves a chance to consider an unconventional perspective rather than just dismissing it before fully understanding it. We hope to engage the reader’s thinking and maybe they look at their world in a little different way.

Readers are expected to decide for themselves what they would like to think but by just becoming conscious of a new perspective may lead to:

• A greater understanding of a current train of thought (which may lead you to change your perspective).

• A new found respect for a previously frowned upon train of thought.

• The beginning of a shift in the way you view things in general.

All readers are encouraged to leave comments & engage in discussion over any of the content on this site.

Mind Launch aims to provide fresh, new, quality content that helps stimulate your mind. Thank you for checking us out and may the content on this site aid you in growing as a person, which starts with your way of thinking and the way you view the world around you.