The Hard Work That No One Ever Knows About

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One of the things I have been thinking about lately is how I do not know the backstory to a lot of things nor how much work is truly required.  This is normal and we will never know the backstory to everything and often times we make assumptions.

When I speak with people about self-development or about changes I have made in my life, some people assume things were easy or that I had favorable circumstances or a different situation than them.  This sometimes leads to people not trying to better themselves.  They assume people are born the way they are and that the true change they are looking for is not possible under their circumstances or it is way too difficult for them.

In my own experience, I find a lot of people assume that I was always the person I am today and that is obviously not true.  No matter who you are, it took a lot of hard work and life experience for you to be who you are today.  You are time tested through life and decisions you made especially in times of adversity help shape who you are today.  Becoming who you are today is a deep topic and I would like to explore it more in the future but for the sake of this piece, let’s keep with the topic of hard work.

Turning Mind Launch from an Idea into a Reality

Let’s examine my experience in putting together this website.  Read more


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“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.  The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.  And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

– Elie Wiesel

What is Hate?

Hate is a strong word and even a stronger as a feeling that is experienced.  Most dictionaries state the definition of hate to be something along the lines of intense dislike or extreme hostility.  People throw around the word and it is often exaggerated but for my purposes, I intend it to mean anything that someone dislikes and causes them to feel negative feelings inside their body.  Essentially, if someone tells me they hate something that implies to me it “bothers” them.

Hate is obviously destructive as far as your actions go because you can get yourself in trouble and potentially harm others.  It is also destructive to your health/normal body functioning, your happiness and accomplishing your goals.


Love and hate are similar to each other in that they are both strong emotional feelings towards something.  In either case something is affecting you in some way and by doing so you are make it relevant and giving it some level of importance in your life.  If your time, focus and energy are going towards things that are not conducive to helping you, it is being wasted and you are being distracted.  Read more

Personal Change vs. Being Yourself

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One of the most misinterpreted sayings I have been hearing frequently is something along the lines of:  “I want someone who is going to accept me/love me for WHO I AM.”

The Real Meaning

A person should love & appreciate you for who you are—your true authentic self.  You should be living in alignment with you are, following your passions and being true to yourself and others.  If you are doing this, whoever you choose to align yourself with should accept you for that or should not be in your life.

The Misinterpretation

Quality people typically have standards for what is acceptable behavior and what they will tolerate from the people they have in their lives.  Wanting to be accepted for ‘who you are’ should not give you an excuse to continue living life in a crappy way.  Some examples include but are not limited to: constant negativity & a negative view of the world, excessive anger/trust/jealousy issues, depression, drug addiction, etc.  Read more

What is Self Development?

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The main passion in my life for the last 5 years has been self development. It is a concept that is often misunderstood and other times just not understood at all. It is NOT ‘motivational speaking’ or ‘positive thinking.’ This is not a pep talk—-motivational speaking is temporary while self development is focused on creating lasting change. In fact, without motivation, chances are you are not going to explore making change in your life. It is great to be positive and seek out the beauty in everything but if you leading a poor lifestyle, thinking positive about it is only deluding yourself.

Self development to me is LEARNING & MASTERING the following:

• Eliminating self-sabotage & removing that which stifles you

• Working to your potential & peak performance consistently regardless of career/task

• Being able to be conscious of your state & emotions, control them & having them working for you—not controlling you

• Effectively achieving your goals while being able to enjoy life & be happy at any stage

Everyone can improve, conquer fears, achieve what they dream about & live a life that is as great as they have imagined or better. It starts with investing in yourself and taking consistent action.

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Does Money Change People Or Just Our View Of Them?

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Why is it that we tend to dehumanize people who have little/no money but also those who are extremely rich?

There are many directions we can go with this topic but for now I would like to discuss people’s feelings towards wealthy people. I feel one of the best examples for this is athletes. Specifically we will use baseball players since I am an avid baseball fan.

Major League Baseball players are individuals who have worked hard at their craft since they were a child and earned the right to play among the highest possible level of competition.

Alex Rodriguez is the 3rd baseman for the New York Yankees, the highest paid player in baseball and arguably the best player in baseball. The following are some complaints against a player like him:

He is earning too much money and is overpaid

This is a capitalist society and a person not only has a right but is encouraged to try to earn as much as he can. Attempting to be an authority on who is overpaid when you are not the actual one who is paying them is quite silly.

Oh A-Rod doesn’t care he struck out, he has millions of dollars. He’ll go home to his money and be fine.

When you spend MANY YEARS of your life playing the sport you love so much and build into your neurology a habit of demanding such a high standard of play out of yourself, you do not just stop caring overnight when you perform poorly.
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